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Start using CGIproxy!
Start browsing through this CGI-based proxy by entering a URL below. Only HTTP and FTP URLs are supported. Not all functions will work (e.g. some JavaScript), but most pages will be fine.

Remove all cookies (except certain proxy cookies)
Remove all scripts (recommended for anonymity)
Remove ads
Hide referrer information
Show URL entry form

Configuration options:

  • Remove all cookies - ban all cookies to or from all servers.
  • Remove all scripts - prevent any script content from any server from reaching the browser. This includes script statements within HTML pages, external script. files, etc.
  • Remove ads - remove ads from pages. Also ban ad-related cookies.
  • Hide referrer information - don't tell servers which link you followed to get to their page.
  • Show URL entry form - at the top of every page, include a small form that lets you enter a new URL, change your options, or manage your cookies.

  • The source code which runs CGItrick - CGIproxy is available here.

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